10 Reasons Your Child Should Attend Preschool

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I want to be


I want to be a


I’m sure you’ve heard this come from a child’s mouth at one point or another. Children have aspirations. Sure, they may be grandiose and perhaps even a little fantastical but that’s the joy of being a kid, right? You get to dream big.

And all those dreams stem from those preschool years, around two to five years of age. This is a paramount time when fostering a child’s curiosity and passion can lead to some amazing outcomes in that child’s life. Children are like sponges; they absorb everything. So it would stand to reason that picking the best preschool for your child should be at the top of your list.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of finding the perfect preschool

  • Your child gets to make choices.

This may seem obvious, but it’s so much more than that. Preschool Draper Utah offers multiple activities that allow children to make their own decisions. It allows them to figure out what they enjoy, what they don’t enjoy and, ultimately, gives them the beginnings of figuring out their “sense of self.” In having multiple activities to choose from, your child can have the freedom to choose who and what they want to play with.

  • Preschool prompts language and cognitive skills.

Between the ages of three and five, your child’s vocabulary increases from 900 to 2,500 words. That’s a huge jump. Their sentences become longer and more complex. The interactions between other students and teachers nurtures this development. And because of the wide range of activities, whether it be art, science, or just play time, engaging with teachers improves their communication skills and gets them thinking about things in a more developed sense. Simple questions asked by the teachers gives your child the opportunity to expressive his/her self.

  • Preschool nourishes social interactions.

Sure, we all want our children to be smart. But there are different kinds of “smart.” While preschool clearly focuses on preparing children for academia, it’s also an opportunity for children to learn how to be social, or “street smart,” if you will. It teaches them that, no, walking up to someone and pushing them down is NOT okay. It teaches them how to be “emotionally smart,” cultivating empathy and making friends. It teaches them how to be “socially smart.” Calling someone a mean name is not okay. This is all incredibly crucial when entering into kindergarten. With the help of professional preschool teachers, children learn how to be social with each other in a safe and nourishing environment. It’s interactions like this that help build a well-rounded, happy child.

  • Preschool prepares your child for kindergarten.

Over the years, kindergarten has become increasingly more academic. What they teach now is certainly a cut above what they taught 20 years ago. Preschool is a step-ing stone for your child so that when they do go to kindergarten, they understand the importance of structure, organized space, time and activities. They are more aware of the social aspect to kindergarten. They understand that listening to the teacher and following directions is crucial.
If a child goes into kindergarten not knowing these rules, it can lead to anxiety, depression, social awkwardness and, ultimately, an unhappy child.

  • Preschool stimulates pre-math and literacy skills.

All activities in Preschool Draper Utah come with a purpose. That is the way our curriculum was designed. Any good preschool will have a similar format. We may not be doing long division, but all our activities give children the opportunity to observe, notice patterns and problem-solve. Simple matching games allows your child to correlate similarities. Alphabet games get them thinking about words. It’s all very subtle but when you think about what your child does in a day, all that activity adds up! And, as said before, children are sponges! They are retaining a lot more than you think they are.

  • Preschool helps develop physical awareness.

Children are clumsy, by no fault of their own, of course! It’s just that they’re learning how to control their bodies. A proper preschool program should allow your child this opportunity to explore running, jumping and climbing activities. It’s a wonderful way to instill a love of movement. It allows your child to explore various sports and to figure out what he/she really enjoys. It also is a great precursor into teaching children about healthy living!
Not only that, it should also cultivate the fine motor skills, like cutting with scissors.

  • Preschool teachers encourage curiosity.

A child who discovers a trail of ants on the playground has just now found an opportunity to learn about why ants do that! Any good preschool teacher will see these little discoveries as a chance to educate. It’s the teachers job to listen to your child, ask questions and engage them in a way that fosters curiosity. In preschool, there is never just one correct answer. That saying, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey,” is what allows preschool teachers to spark your child’s curiosity. The more questions your child asks, the more that will allow him/her to think, reason and problem-solve.

  • Preschool fuels imagination.

We all know that children have wildly active imaginations. This is fuel for the fire in any good preschool. Preschools use “make-believe” situations because it allows your child to, again, reason, problem-solve and build cognitive skills. For example, when working on motor skills, a preschool teacher may ask the children to sit in a big circle with everyone’s toes touching so “we don’t let water out of the pot.” Then she may ask, “What are we putting in our soup today?” After that, the children go around in a circle and choose what kind of food is going into the pot. Sure, the soup may have “unicorn rainbows” or “chocolate sprinkles” in it, but at the end of the day, they’ve used their imagination while also doing a simple stretching exercise

  • Preschool teaches children how to care for others as well as themselves.

Children like to have a purpose. Believe it or not, most children do really well when they have a “task” or a “mission” to accomplish. It gives them a sense of purpose, a sense of self-worth. Preschool teachers often assign tasks to children to accomplish just that. Whether it’s putting the blocks away after an activity or it’s making sure snack time is cleaned up, children enjoy being entrusted with something given to them by the teacher.
Also, children like taking care of other children. You’d be amazed at just how “mother hen” a child can get when someone new comes to school. Being the one to “show the new student around” is a very big task in the eyes of your child and it teaches them how to be social, caring and empathetic.

  • Preschool improves attention spans.

Any parent can tell you just how short their child’s attention span is. It’s because of this innate curiosity and zest that pulls their attention from one thing to the next in the blink of an eye. It’s endearing, sure, but also somewhat frustrating. Preschool teaches your child how to focus. With the teacher in the room, this instructs your child to focus, listen to what the teacher’s saying and follow directions.

This doesn’t seem like much now, but as your child gets older and starts kindergarten, this is a skill that will become invaluable to their future.
We could go on and on about the benefits of having your child attend preschool. But the long and short of it is that it prepares them for kindergarten and that long haul through many years of school (which, studies have shown that children who attended preschool actually enjoyed learning and education more than those who did not attend preschool). Preschool helps with the development of your child.

We all say that our children are our future because it’s the truth. Here at Preschool Draper Utah, that only gives us the inspiration to keep evolving our program so that perhaps one day, your child will be the next president.