“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”-Martin Luther King, Jr.


Miss Emily

BS Elementary Education, Early Childhood (Owner/Director)

Miss Emily graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Elementary Education and then pursued an emphasis in Early Childhood. Throughout her 20 years of teaching, she has measured academic and social growth in many students. She is passionate about Super Start School… and candy (or anything with refined sugar).


Miss Sue

BS Elementary Education

Miss Sue is the “Little Steam Engine that Can”. She can teach anything and it’s amazing what her students learn when they “think they can”. She has spent the last 23 years teaching, loving and being a friend to all her students. She spends her extra time coaching her own three boys… that’s right, no girls.


Miss Kris

BS Education

Miss Kris is a “dino”-mite teacher. She is dynamic and passionate about the success of her students. She always goes the extra mile and her creative energy makes her teaching style far from prehistoric. She is favored by all, students and parents alike. In her spare time… wait she doesn’t have any!


Miss Jolene

Early Childhood Development

Miss Jolene is an overachiever who always sees each child’s true potential. She makes learning magical and caters to the learning styles of all of her students. Her hard work ethic and ability to have fun are a priceless combination. She genuinely cares about each student and their success as well as the success of the school. In her time away from school, she likes to play leap frog… okay, not really…only at school.


Miss Darcie

Early Childhood Development

Miss Darcie has taught preschool for over 20 years and is a “cut” above the rest. She makes each student feel special and recognizes the uniqueness in all children. She is truly loved and has had many marriage proposals from the boys in her classes, despite the fact that she is a new grandma!


Miss Natalee

Miss Natalee is not our Alphabet Princess that comes to visit each year, but she should be. She is a magical teacher that runs her classroom with grace. She wants all of her students to reach their full academic and social potentials and helps them through love and encouragement. She’s a princess at school, but a coach after to her four amazing boys (Super Start will take a tiny bit of credit, since all her boys attended).


Miss Makenzie

BS Psychology, MSW

Miss Makenzie is another favorite and makes each day a masterpiece. Her calm, warm personalty paints a true picture of her genuine love of children. She worked at Super Start and then took a year off to pursue her Master’s Degree, but just couldn’t stay away. We are thrilled to have her back.


Miss Jenn

BA American Studies

Miss Jenn is the “Mary Poppins” of Super Start School. She keeps everything in order and with the things in her magic bag can make anything “practically perfect”. She is always two steps ahead and can find joy in any moment. She is an avid reader (of picture books)… and can take any idea and make it happen.


Miss Charlotte

Miss Charlotte makes every day special, just like it’s your birthday. Her smile and contagious positive energy are a true gift. She is an amazing friend, not only to the students, but their parents as well. She sees the bright side of life and her students always know she is their biggest fan.


Miss Jane

Miss Jane can make a rainy day sunny with her great sense of humor. She leaves no task unnoticed and helps keep us all organized. She always makes sure all students are recognized for their individual talents and helps them work at their own pace. She can find humor in all things and secretly enjoys dancing in the rain.


Miss Allison

BS Elementary Education

Miss Allison’s entertaining personality makes her a Super Start School favorite. Students ask their parents to be late for pick up, just so they can get extra time playing with her. She makes every student feel unique. In her spare time, she drives and drives and then drives some more as she carpools her own children.


Miss Kami

BS Sociology

Miss Kami’s smile says it all. She lights up the classroom when she walks in and students always run to give her hugs. She makes everyone feel special, parents and teachers included. She genuinely cares about the needs of her students and others. In her spare time, and even in the dark, I’m sure she is still smiling.


Miss Tricia

BS International Relations and Spanish

Miss Tricia’s patience and warm personality make her another Super Start School favorite. She is in-tune with the needs of all students and spends time getting to know each student individually. Her silly side always comes out when we “Shake out our Sillies” and she can’t keep from dancing whenever it’s music time.