“If children feel they are important to you, they will want to succeed.”


I began working at Super Start School in 2006. During the 8 years since I began, I have taught all different kinds of children, each of them teaching me something unique. While the lessons have been countless, the most important thing I have learned (in every teaching setting) is that if children feel they are important to you, they will want to succeed.

At Super Start, our main goal is that every child feels loved and leaves preschool knowing how much potential they have. Each child is unique and we really try to to bring out that quality in each child so that he or she can excel.

As teachers, we realize there are many different ways to learn, and we try to incorporate a variety of learning tactics for the child to learn their letters and sounds. Throughout my teaching experience, I have noticed that the children leave our school with a very solid reading foundation. The majority of the children that come to Super Start are reading at a high kindergarten level or first-grade level by the time they have finished our program. (I have even seen a few students reading chapter books during their time at our school!)

Super Start’s owner Emily Davies has written a program that I believe in and a program that I am proud to share with the kids I teach. I have seen children come to the school without any letter recognition and within just a few short months they are reading. I believe these children leave Super Start School feeling a sense of accomplishment and they know that they are going to be successful in school. It not only works with the quiet studious child, but with the child that struggles with sitting still, or the child with a vivid imagination. Our belief is that each child can succeed and deserves the chance to do that.

Super Start School’s program helps all children learn, imagine and grow throughout the year. And I believe it helps them for years to come.